No, as the panel is made up of a sandwich of acrylic. You do not see any grid or dots. The illuminated faces are an opal finish and back faces of single-sided panels are white.

3000-6500 kelvin providing warm to cool white levels of light. With cool white/warm white adjustable panels exact specified colour temperature can be achieved. Alternatively use the attention grabbing RGB colour control.

Approximately 17kg/m² for 16 mm thick panels.

Clean acrylic faces with a non-fibrous wipe, made damp with a plastic cleaner.

Yes, panels can be laser cut for custom work.

No, Pixalux panels are made to order.

With the Pix-n-Mix you literally just pull off the profile and replace the LED strip. No other panel on the market is produced in this manner.

Tensile Strength – 70 Mpa. Flexural Strength – 116 Mpa. The above measurements are for embedded LEDs. The Pix-n-Mix panels are stronger due to the aluminium profile.

The panels/shelves can be suspended using Cable/Rod Systems. A range of profiles are available to assist with different methods of fixing,

Cliffhanger shelf supports provide and easy and elegant way of wall-mounting shelves.

Due to their rigid structure, Pixalux panels can be made double-sided. They can also be used directly as no frame is required.

Yes, it is a completely flat surface and you can digitally print directly onto the panel.

At present, standard panels can be up to 800mm wide by 1200mm long. In the near future, we anticipate that larger sizes will be available. Panels can be tiled with only hairline joints.

Shelves will need to be supported every 600 mm.

Current available thickness is 16mm.

4080 – 5100 lumens. How bright is this? – The Pixalux panels are so bright that you can literally light up the room with them.

Pixalux specially manufactured LEDs have an 80,000 hrs working life. Other types have typically a 50,000 hour or longer life.