Pixalux LED Illuminated Shelves

Pixalux LED Light Panels are an ideal way of creating extremely bright illuminated shelving.

Pixalux LED shelves are 16 mm thick and are supplied with built-in light diffusers which means you only see a completely even spread of light and there are no visible dots of light.

The solid Pixalux shelf can be located onto virtually any shelf bracket of your choice. Pixalux illuminated shelves are load bearing and will hold up to 20 kgs of evenly spread weight over a metre area.

Pixalux illuminated shelves are custom made to meet individual requirements.  Maximum shelf  length is 1200 mm and popular depths are 150, 250, 300 and 400 mm.

Why select a Pixalux illuminated Shelf?

Pixalux illuminated shelves opens the door to totally new types of designs which were just not practically with other types of materials.   One of the unique features of Pixalux is that the shelves can be illuminated on both sides with the same level of brightness above and below.  This makes the shelves ideal for all types of product displays.  The total even spread of light means that there are no shadows on the product and the presentation can greatly enhance the appearance and perceived value of a product being displayed.  The bright light just draws the eye to the product.

Pixalux shelves use less LEDs than other types of shelving.  The profile along the long edge of the shelf houses the LED’s and due to the unique structure of the panel the light will travel through the panel creating a extremely high level of brightness.

Pixalux illuminated shelves can easily be fitted into new and existing shelving systems.  Shelves can even be drilled at the factory to allow for easy fixing.

Research carried out in retail stores has proved that by adding lighting within a display sales can be increased.  In fact we recently placed a single Pixalux shelf into an in store presentation and within 2 weeks sales of the products displayed went up by 20%.  A Pixalux shelf should be looked at as an investment into future sales.

How can I fix a Pixalux Shelf?

Fix to an existing shelving system

Pixalux shelves can just sit onto any standard shelf support system.  It is normally recommended that you have a support under the shelf about 700 mm if displaying heavy items.   Think of the material like a piece of MDF of 16 mm. Pixalux has very similar weight loading properties.   What you need to think about is how you are going to illuminate your shelves. Pixlaux shelves are supplied with low-voltage cable up to two metres long with jack plugs that connect straight into a power pack  making the system plug and play.  You can specify several  shelves to be connected into a single power supply.  Call 0845 299 6466 for advice.

Adjustable illuminated shelving


LED illuminated shelving

Pixalux Illuminated Shelf with black profile on a metal shelving system

illuminated adjustable shelving

Pixalux adjustable shelving

Many of our clients have asked for adjustable shelving.  Pixalux UK, can supply you with a system to transform your existing metal shelving system into a wireless option.  By using the ‘plug & light’ system shelves can be easily relocated without altering any electrical installation.

Alternatively we can supply you a complete system that can be wall mounted or free standing. Units will be designed to your specifications. You will be able relocate illuminated shelves, plus you can even have the option of a stretched fabric back which is also illuminated.  The system is 24 volt and other low-voltage applications can be connected. Call for full details 0845 299 6466.

Wall mounted floating illuminated shelving

Double sided illuminated shelving for kitchens

Illuminated double sided kitchen shelving

Cliffhanger floating shelves are a simple and stunning way to use Pixalux shelving. The simple metal bracket sits at the back of the shelf creating the impression of a illuminated floating shelf which is extremely eye catching.   All you see is a small amount of white profile above and below.   The brackets can support shelves up to 1200 mm long with a depth of up to 300 mm.  The shelves are quick and easy to install on to all types of walls.

Shelves can be finished with glow edges, white, silver or black edge banding.

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