Illuminated Bedside Shelf

Illuminated Bedside Shelf

bedside illuminated shelf

Pixalux double sided illuminated bedside shelf

Illuminated Bedside Shelf 

Getting light levels correct in the bedroom can make a huge difference to how you relax and how comfortable you feel when spending time in your bedroom.

You will need to think about how you are going to use the room.  For example, you will need high light levels for getting dressed, perhaps a good working light if there is a dressing table in the room and a feature light or a functional light within wardrobes.  Next to the bed you may require several different levels of light- a soft background light and perhaps a reading light.

Pixalux LED light panels can be used in many different ways within the bedroom.

Pixalux has just designed an attractive illuminated bedside shelf.  A simple and effective way to have light next to the bed without the need for any additional lamp fitting or a bedside table lamp.   Supplied in a warm white (3000 kelvin) which is ideal for a bedroom.

The double sided 16mm illuminated Pixalux shelf is totally bespoke.  The light bounces up and down creating an attractive glow.  The Pixalux panel is structural and can take up to 20 kg in weight.  The illuminated shelf is supported on an attractive floating bracket which means it is easy to position a chest of drawers or cabinet below if required.

Pixalux shelf on cliffhangar

Pixalux illuminated bedside shelf supported on an elegant, slim bracket

Incredibly easy to install, it is supplied with bracket and power supply unit, which just plugs into a standard socket.   The Pixalux bedside illuminated shelf can be made up to 300mm deep x 1200mm long. Just tell us the length required.  Matching shelves can also be made to be used above the bed, or by the dressing table.

Pixalux is manufactured in Leeds.   Email: for a quotation and additional information or visit