Pixalux illuminated panels in Manor Lodge Health & Beauty Salon

Pixalux illuminated panels in Manor Lodge Health & Beauty Salon

Pixalux illuminated side panels

Illuminated side panels in cool white

Mary Coombes owner of Manor Lodge Health and Beauty was refurbishing her health and beauty salon and was looking for a way to illuminate her cosmetics and beauty products.

The challenge she had was that she did not want strong light that would burn out the colour of the products and she did not want shadows on her products.
Pixalux illuminated display panels solve the problem
Mary asked her joinery company to incorporate the double sided illuminated vertical panels into a base unit she purchased from Ikea. Her joiners put a frame around the panels and Pixalux supplied the double sided illuminated panels with holes ready to support the shelf support for the glass shelves.
Mary is highly delighted with the end results as all products are well illuminated with the soft shadow free light from the vertical Pixalux panels.
Pixalux illuminated side panels

Illuminated side panels warm white

One particular feature that Mary says it extremely useful is the ability to adjust the colour temperature of the panels to display the products to their best. All panels are wired into a central controller.  The colour temperature is changed with a simple remote control.
Mary Stated, “I found it was easy to deal with Pixalux UK, the panels arrived on time and I would certainly use them again.  They were extremely helpful and gave a lot of advice.”
This example of Pixalux illuminated panels really shows off how easy it is to incorporate Pixalux into your designs.   It does not matter if you are working on a high end residential project or a small point of sale display Pixalux is an ideal solution to have an illuminated surface which will transform a dark unit into a stunning display.
Pixalux illuminated panels are manufactured in Leeds.   Start designing your unit today and call Tel: 0845 299 6466 or email info@pixalux.co.uk.