WSG Interiors integrate Pixalux into their shelving system

WSG Interiors integrate Pixalux into their shelving system

Illuminated sports shoe display

Illuminated sports shoe display with Pixalux shelves

A few Pixalux double sided illuminated shelves can totally transform a retail store refit.  Good use of lighting within any shop design is critical to the end result.  The big challenge for many designers is to get a good quality of light as close as possible to the product so that it is seen in it’s best light.

Many stores have tried to solve the challenge by placing light panels behind the shelf and the result from a distance looks good, but it is impossible to see the product properly as it is often dark and silhouetted against the light.  Others have tried putting LED strips under the shelves and often these only light up the front edge of the shelf resulting in the LED’s being visible and distracting potential customers from looking at the product on display.

Ultra-bright, high-impact Pixalux illuminated shelves are the way forward

Richard Habergham, Head of Design at WSG Interiors in Leeds, understood the challenge of using light wisely and decided to use Pixalux, the world’s first structural double-sided LED panel, to create shelves for an online menswear business which is now branching out on the high street.

The shelves have been made in two bespoke sizes.  These have been fitted into the structure of the WSG Alu-Luminaire System so that they look like they are floating and you can see no visible supports or cables.  The effect is absolutely stunning.  As the shelves have been cleverly mixed-in with non-illuminated shelves, the maximum use of the light has been achieved so that shoes can be illuminated from above and below the shelf.  Using just a few Pixalux shelves in this way is a highly economical solution to create a stunning effect.

Floating illuminated shelves

Pixalux structure shelves inserted into Alu-Luminaire System

Pixalux light panels are only 16 mm thick with a completely even spread of light across the surface.  The colour temperature in this store is 6000 kelvin and uses only 14.4 watts of power per metre, making them highly economical to run.  The LEDs are fitted into a profile which is hidden in this case.  The profile acts as a really good heat sink so the system generates very little heat which helps to extend the life of the LEDs.

Richard stated “The client was delighted with the end result and I would certainly specify Pixalux again as it is a really easy product to work with and extremely effective.”

The only way to fully appreciate the Pixalux LED panel is to see it for yourself.  Call today on 0845 299 6466 to arrange to see a panel or visit   Pixalux UK is based in Hemel Hempstead with a manufacturing facility in Leeds.